Absolutely! We ONLY sell 100% genuine Tenga products from Japan.

We suggest all newcomers to the TENGA Brand, to try out the Standard CUP Series first!

The Silky White and Rocky Black are structurally similar, but the internal sleeves are different. The Silky White is made of a softer material with subtle internal details for gentle stimulation, while the Rocky Black is made of firmer material with bold internal details for more intense stimulation.

Where the FLIP HOLE was two separate halves held together by a hinge, the FLIP ZERO features our “Integrated Pivot” – a hinge inside the product body. This makes the insertion point of the item seamless, which drastically reduces lubricant leakage as well as improves vacuum intensity – especially with the addition of a new one-way-valve. On top of this, the FLIP ZERO is made of our Premium material, that was previously only available in Japan, and with our improvements in molding and engineering technology, the details are the most intricate to date. With the new design, the FLIP ZERO is not only easier to hold, but the Slide Arms also allow for much easier assembly.

Each EGG has different internal details. The silver designs on the exterior are based on the internal textures. You can enjoy a completely different experience with each different EGG!

Please check FAQ section of each product of watch the intro video in the product’s description.

Not necessarily! Since preferences in stimulation are entirely subjective to each individual user, we offer a wide variety of products to help everyone find what they are looking for. While the higher-cost reusable items will last for multiple uses, the hygiene and convenience of a single-use item is not to be set aside. The lower cost of disposable items also allows for exploration of a variety of sensations without breaking the bank.

Each products has an FAQ section where specific information about the product is provided.

If you have any questions not addressed in this section, please feel free to send us an email from our contact page.