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Double Hole


Double the Sensation!

A two-in-one blend of stimulation! The “Bitter Side” firmly tightens while the “Sweet Side” gently clings to your shaft. Normal use is one side at a time; however, simultaneous use of both will provide a brand new feeling of two contrasting sensations!

Weight 0.22 lbs
Dimensions 6.6 × 6.6 × 15.5 in


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  • What measures have been taken to ensure safety and hygiene using the CUP series?

    Due to the fact that the items in the TENGA CUP Series were designed with the premise that the user should insert without a condom, we have taken extra precautions with concerns to hygiene and safety.

    For safety reasons, we have not included any harmful materials in our products such as vinyl chloride, etc.

    We have also taken into consideration the safety of our lotions for your security and peace of mind. All ingredients in our lotions have been tested for body safety.

  • Should I remove the sponge in the insertion rim?

    Please do not remove this sponge. It is there to hold the lotion in place and help to evenly distribute lotion upon insertion. Please use the CUP as it is upon opening.

  • There is a cut on the insertion pad, is my item defective?

    Since the inside of the TENGA CUP Series is air-tight, we included this small incision in the insertion pad to release air upon insertion.

    Please rest assured that this is part of the item’s design, and does not indicate a damaged or defective item!

  • I’m having trouble inserting, what can I do?

    Don’t forget to remove the sticker covering the air hole at the tip of the item – this allows air to flow out of the item for smooth insertion.

    During use, covering this air hole after insertion will create a vacuum on the inside for an exhilarating suction sensation!

  • Are the TENGA CUPs electronic?

    The TENGA CUPs are not electronic and may be enjoyed manually.